Thursday, 24 July 2014

Holiday style diary - day 4

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Holiday style diary - day 3

Beach Body: Missguided (shop all beach bodies here)
Shorts: The Ragged Priest (similar here)

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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Holiday style diary - day 2

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Sunday, 20 July 2014

The ghd AURA...

ghd has been one of my favourite hair styling brands for as long as I can remember. My obsession with them started back when I got my first ever hair straighteners, which of course had to be ghd's. I remember I was so jealous of everyone who owned some until I got my very own. I am also pleased to announce that 5 years later they are still going strong!

Like any girl my hair is such a important feature to my face so having styling products that actually work and do what you want them to do is so important. There is nothing worse than wasting money on a hair styler that doesn't do what it claims to do! I think this is where my obsession with ghd products has come from, because I am yet to try something of theirs that has let me down. So you can imagine my excitement when I was lucky enough to be offered the chance to review ghd's brand new hair dryer, the ghd AURA.

I don't know about you guys but if there is one thing I dislike the most when it comes to doing my hair its blow drying. This is mainly because I am either normally in too much of a rush to faff about or I find it such a fiddle to get that perfect looking salon blow dry so I end up just being frustrated and normally hot from blow drying! This means that I am always quite weary of spending too much money on a hair dryer, the ghd AURA however may have changed my mind.

"With two breakthrough innovations in technology, ghd aura offers a truly new drying and styling experience that delivers the ultimate in luxurious volume and a smooth, shiny finish. Laminair™ technology delivers a 65 percent more concentrated stream of air than other dryers*, meaning you can work on one section of hair, without disturbing the others, giving you exceptional styling precision and control. What does this mean for your hair? Stunningly smooth and shiny results. While the innovative Cool-Wall™ technology keeps the outer casing and nozzle cool to touch, ensuring you can style much closer to the root for impressive volume"

Like it says in all the teccy language above the ghd AURA is all about making styling quicker and easier than other hair dryers available and it really does just that! I was so impressed when I first tried it out and was so pleased with the results. My hair really did look and feel so much softer and a lot more shiny. The first thing though that I noticed was how much lighter it is than my other hair dryer and so much quieter. (Means my blow drying sessions at 12pm at night wont be annoying the family any longer!) It also claims to use less electricity than other hair dryers which is yet another bonus feature to it.

Along with all the bits mentioned above another good thing about the ghd AURA is because the hot air is essentially cocooned by cold air, thanks to the Laminair technology, I don't over heat while blow drying, for me this is a big bonus! I also found that it dried my hair a lot faster than my current one, so for someone who hates spending ages blow drying this made me very happy!

If you are interested in the ghd AURA (which you should be!) then make sure you check out ghd's website for lots more information and videos about the AURA here. It is exclusively available to Selfridges and I am sure will be selling out fast so get yours here before you miss out! A big thank you to Selfirdges for giving me the chance to try the ghd AURA out, I feel like I have a whole new head of hair!

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Floral favourites...

Obviously as you all know there is nothing I love more than co-ords but I can definitely say my favourite kind of co-ord would have to be one like this. As much as short ones are cute there is just something about a matching top and trousers that I love. You immediately feel like the height of fashion when wearing one and they have such a wow factor, especially one like this that has such a gorgeous print. This one is from AX Paris and is such a bargain if you are after the perfect summer outfit. 

I recently was lucky enough to be sent a couple of pairs of shoes from Daniel Footwear (featured in yesterdays post). They are an online shoe shop that sell designer shoes as well as there own brand 'Daniel'. These gorgeous tan shoes are part of their Daniel range and I must say I am in love with them. They are such a beautiful take on the mule shoe and are also super comfortable! They are now in the sale as well so if you feel like treating yourself I couldn't recommend them enough!

Bag: Zara

Friday, 18 July 2014

Off dutee...

This would have to be my favourite kind of outfit. There is nothing I love more than being comfortable but still feeling fashionable. Being completely obsessed with slogan tees they are definitely my go to top for casual days. This one is one of my faves and is from Off Dutee. I fell in love with the brand Off Dutee when I was looking around the bottom floor of Topshop Oxford Circus on one of my trips to London. They have products varying from dresses, to tanks and t-shirts all featuring quirky and cute slogans. If you haven't had a chance to check them out they are definitely worth a look! I couldn't think of a more perfect shoe for a causal look than these amazing slip ons from Daniel Footwear. Being black they go with everything and the crocodile print makes them look super expensive.