Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Elly Pistol...

So you know how I have been going on about how much I love DIY'ing things, well this is another of my recent 'designs' haha. I love this jumper from Elly Pistol but like most things I prefer them cropped and I was so pleased with how this jumper turned out. I literally live in it now and I love the bold lettering on the sleeves. Its one of those things that I wear and people always ask me where it is from. Oh and can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing these Nike Thea's are, the colour is just everything!

Bag: Celine



  1. I love it ;)

  2. You're on a role with these blog posts! Lovely as always! Xx

  3. This just looks so comfy - now I need the figure for those leggings hehe xx


    check them out!
    Katy Perry Brand!

  5. Love this outfit, looks amazing on you! I need to get some of these trainers, anyone know where I can get them? The link to them on your site is showing out of stock :(

  6. I want that jumper! This whole outfit is so so nice!

    Layla Panam Fashion Blogger

  7. i love the jumper so cute g


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