Friday, 18 December 2015

Get your lips on trend with Vaseline...

So a lot of you will have seen that not only were both dusty pink and pastel pink a MASSIVE trend this year it is also going to make another appearance in a big way in SS16 as it was all over the catwalks this September. I for one am so happy about this as pink is definitely one of my favourite colours. To work perfectly along side this pink takeover everyones favourite lip balm, Vaseline, have launched their latest lip therapy tin - Sugar Coated. I don't know about you but I don't think there is a handbag in my house that doesn't have a pot of Vaseline in it. Its a makeup bag must have for me as I use it for everything from the obvious lip care to a coating for my eyebrows to make them look fuller.  In my opinion having healthy, soft lips is so important and caring for them is never more important than in winter. There is nothing worse than having dry lips, not only because they hurt and don't look great but my lipsticks just do not work the same when my lips don't look good, and when you are as obsessed with lipsticks as I am this is a big problem! 

Make sure you grab your very own limited edition Sugar Coated Vaseline tin to ensure you have the perfect pout this winter.



  1. Love pink and dusty pink, so gorgeous for Winter and Spring !


  2. Definitely something to try out. The packaging of it so on trend too!

    Isobel x
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  3. clearly you got paid to write this post, why don't you state it!!!!!!

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