Tuesday, 20 October 2015

X Jewellery...

As you guys know I am not a massive jewellery wearer so it has to be something I really love for me to change my mind and wear. I was recently introduced to the concept of X Jewellery and I fell in love. The idea behind it is that it gives you the freedom to create and style a bracelet exactly to your choice and vision. Right down to how it is put together as you can unlock the links from each other and put them in whatever order you prefer. You can also decide whether you want to add things like charms to the bracelet and can choose between a few different style of locks, so it really is tailored to you. I think they would also make the perfect gift for someone who is normally a pain to buy for. Its no secret that I am obsessing over khaki right now so I fell in love with these matt rubber khaki links on this bracelet. Matched with the bronze links I link it makes the perfect autumnal bracelet. It is important that when I do buy or wear jewellery it goes with almost everything I own and I feel the khaki compliments my wardrobe perfectly. This bracelet also looks amazing styled up with nudes or camel, 2 must have colours this season.



  1. Always love your outfits, you put great stuff together!!
    Abie x

  2. Oh cool! This is such a cool jewelry line :)
    XO Janina

  3. such a cute look !


  4. Loved this look


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  7. I love this outfit!!


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  9. very Loved this look

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  10. I love your jacket . Where is she ?

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