Monday, 20 July 2015

Summer Styling With Forever 21...

Watch the outfits come to life here:

When it comes to summer staples Forever 21 always seem to get it right! Not only are they always super affordable but they always have perfect pieces to nail the current trends. I always head to Forever 21 to buy bits for my summer wardrobe so when they came to me asking to style up some of their current summer collection I jumped at the chance. As you guys may have seen from my Instagram I have just got back from my holiday to Santorini so thought it was the perfect opportunity to put together a bit of a holiday lookbook featuring Forever 21. Its also a great way for you guys to really get a feel for what the clothing looks like on and I love being able to make my outfits come to life. It is definitely something I will be doing more of in the future. My favourite piece would have to be the blue jumpsuit but I am also loving the Forever 21 swimwear at the moment so make sure you take a look before you head off on our holidays!

Rust Coloured Shirt: Available in store
Shorts: Available in store
Sandals: Available in store
Bra: Available in store

High Waisted Bikini Bottoms: Available in store



  1. You're perfect ! Your style is amazing ! I'm a French Fashion & beauty Youtuber/ blogger, and I follow you for few months ! I fell in love with your style, I love all your outfits and we have a lot of same items ahah !

    Kiss from France,

  2. Omg !!!! Do you know that you are my favorite fashion blogger ?
    Your style, your clothes, your shoes, I love it !
    You are my inspiration for my outfit.

    xoxo beauty ❀

  3. This is just such a stunning post. I can't fault any of the looks you've put together! Gorgeous! I particularly love those amazing bikini bottoms! x

    Martha Jane |

  4. Your styling is so effortless. I love the shirt and shorts combo.

  5. This is just such a stunning post. I can't fault any of the looks you've put together!

  6. beautiful


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