Thursday, 9 October 2014

The city I love...

Today's So...? couture range city is London. I thought that seeing as its where I spend most of my time and I live about 25 mins away on a train that this slogan on this top from Zara was a perfect little number for this outfit. When I saw this top I just had to have it because as a blogger there isn't a slogan more perfect. It always makes me so mad when I see other bloggers or myself receive hate on social media from someone who has decided to be rude to them because of the outfit they have chosen to wear. This is where this slogan is just so perfect, it's their style so they can wear what they want how they want, always remember that! So just go out and always be sassy and fabulous!! Rant over... :)

Don't forget you can get your hands on the So...? Couture range exclusively from Superdrug at £1.99 each.

Check out more info on the range here:



  1. you look amazing, love your boots and sweater!

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. Love this look, so effortless and the slogan tee is perfect! .xx

  3. Love the top!

    Lauren x

  4. Love that top! So true, style is personal so just go with what you want!! X

  5. LOVE this look! I tried on this top the other day and loved it too! Love your blog, your style, your instagram, the way you put outfits together and your youtube videos! So lovely to see a fellow FRA student have so much love and success! Congrats Sarah :)
    Laura xxx


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