Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Love Me Beauty

I am by no means a beauty blogger as I just don't feel like I know enough beauty and everything it involves but that doesn't mean I am not totally obsessed with all things beauty. I am always up for trying new products and have a makeup draw that is full to bursting and cupboards full of lotions and potions. This is fab when you have run out of your fave foundation or shampoo and can use one tucked right in the corner of a cupboard but not when you think about all those products you have waisted your money on. I could sink a ship with all my unused products so I would hate to think how much money I have waisted. This is where my favourite new thing comes into play and it is called Love Me Beauty. 

Love Me Beauty is a monthly beauty box which allows you to try out new products without spending loads of money. It is perfect if you are like me and love experimenting with new products before you go out and buy a lifetime supply. I'm joking, I promise I don't do that haha. This is my second beauty box from Love Me Beauty and I am pretty sure they get better every month.

What makes 'Love Me Beauty' different from other beauty boxes is it is all uniquely tailored to you and your needs. When you sign up you fill out a profile so that all the products you see have been chosen especially for your wants and needs. Another thing that makes it different is that you can actually pick what you get in your beauty box so you at least know that what you are going to receive  is something you like/want to try. 

Love Me Beauty works on a credit system so each month you get 6 credits and depending on either the value of the product or the size it will determine how many credits it is worth. So you could pick 3 full sized and slightly more expensive products which are 2 credits each or 6 smaller, travel sized or less expensive products which are worth 1 credit each, I hope I am making sense?!

So this is what I got in my most recent one with a break down of the credits to hopefully make it more clear:

2 credits - Full size. RRP £13

1 credit - full size. RRP £2.50

1 credit, full size. RRP £7.50

1 credit - full size. RRP £8

1 credit - full size. RRP £5

Now to the price, which is what you are all wondering I am sure. Well I think you will be pleasantly surprised. 

For 12 months it is £7.50 per month and that gives you one box a month and, if you haven't already worked it out, all of the above if I bought it separately is worth £36! When all you pay is £7.50 a month I think that is what you call a bargain! You can alternatively get 1 box for £10 just to try it out and there are other monthly subscriptions available when you sign up such as a 3 month subscription or 6 months. That leaves you with that little bit of extra cash to just spend on the products you know you love.

To make it all even better I have a 20% off discount code with your first box which is valid until 25/10/14 so if you feel like trying it out now is the time :)



  1. this sounds amazing! love that its personally tailored to your own skincare needs :)

    Rachel x
    Style Soup

  2. I've always wanted to try a beauty box but never known which one is the best one to get but with this, I like the idea that you can choose what you want in it which makes it more helpful and it's just so cheap too! Will definitely be purchasing one of these at the end of the month.

    Hannah xo


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