Monday, 31 March 2014

Pink blossom...

Another all pink outfit, shock! But I just couldn't resist as I have so many beautiful new pink things in my wardrobe at the moment. Including these gorgeous pink satin shorts from Oh My Love which come in a matching set that I couldn't resist buying. However for this it was a slightly chilly day so I thought this jumper from Boohoo would be more appropriate. Even though the sun still decided to come out and ruin my photos, I was not happy! Probably the only time I have complained about the sun, but I love it really. 

Shoes: River Island


  1. Love this all pink, the shorts are so beautiful xx

  2. The shorts and the coat are so nice ! Always love these shoes !

  3. Those white heels are just gorgeous and they go beautifully with pastel pink!

  4. Those shorts are so pretty! Love this outfit, pink really suits you

    Julia x

  5. Love this printed coat with this colour!

    Beautiful girl.
    Hannah xo


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