Monday, 2 December 2013

My new obsession...

No one will quite understands my excitement when I saw this amazing two piece in Zara the other day! I was like a small child in a sweet shop! Being obsessed with coordinates this was right up my street. It is literally gorgeous, even the pictures don't do it justice. I have practically lived in it ever since I bought it, its just that fab! The best thing about it is you get 3 outfits in one because just the trousers or just the top on their own are amazing! Its a little pricy for the whole thing but well worth it I think! It was my payday treat! Being so amazing I didn't want to faff about with it too much so just wore my holographic Forever 21 heels and my new holographic clutch from New Look. Once again please ignore the hideous band on my wrist. Luckily I have now finished my job and no longer have to wear the ugly thing!
Shoes: Forever 21


  1. Ah you look amazing! I absolutely love two pieces but could never pull them off! It looks like an outfit similar to something I've seen Lucy Meck wear!


  2. Reeeeally want to get my hands on this 2-piece. Thought it was amazing when I saw it in store and you are making me want to splash the cash even more on it!!!x

  3. Such a chic look ! I'm loving the clutch !

  4. That 2 piece is so cute!

  5. Fab outfit! Oh my god look at you wearing the outfit like it's supposed to look compared with the hideous model on the Zara website who looks ill!


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